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Choosing a Fertility Specialist - Eric Flisser, MD
Whether you choose RMA of New York or another fertility center, Dr. Flisser provides valuable tips on what to look for in a fertility center and its specialists.

Endometriosis and Infertility - Eric Flisser, MD
An in-depth article on endometriosis and how it may affect fertility.

Selecting the Best One-  Eric Flisser, MD
Evaluating the number of embryos to transfer back in IVF.


Internet Links

American Society for Reproductive Medicine
Established in 1944, the ASRM is devoted to advancing knowledge and expertise in reproductive medicine and biology.

Advanced Reproductive Care Inc. (ARC)
Advanced Reproductive Care is an organization that provides financial options for couples going through fertility treatments.

A T.I.M.E., an acronym for A Torah Infertility Medium of Exchange, is a non-profit organization devoted to the support and education of infertile couples and to the education of the community so that they can best help their loved ones who are experiencing infertility

Bonei Olam
Helps Orthodox Jewish Couples through the emotional and physical journey of fertility treatments

Extend Fertility
Organization that aims to empower women to take control of their biological clock through oocyte cryopreservation, or egg freezing

Fertile Hope
Dedicated to offering support and reproductive education to cancer patients whose medical treatments may affect fertility

NINE- The National Infertility Network Exchange - A national not- for- profit organization for persons and couples with impaired fertility, and the professionals that serve them. NINE supports the decision of legal and medical means to build families as well as the decision to remain childfree. This organization was founded by local Long Island resident Ilene Stargot, who leads monthly meetings throughout Long Island.

Assisting people in resolving their infertility by providing information, support, and advocacy

Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology
Primary organization of professionals dedicated to the practice of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) in the United States. Collects and publishes success rates and information of all U.S. fertility clinics.

An online video tutorial to help you learn how to administer fertility medication injections

United Resource Networks ParentSteps Program
Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York was recently selected as a center of excellence by United Resource Networks and has been enrolled into their ParentSteps program. Through this program, patients who possess very minimal or no infertility coverage become eligible to receive on average a 10 to 20 % discount on certain advanced reproductive treatments.

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